We Care Concierge Service

Infinity Funeral Home is committed to serving the needs of our client-families through innovative and thoughtful ways. Our goal is to simplify the life of your family and lessen potential stress during the time of transition. We do this through a wide array of solutions, and understanding what each client-family needs to make life as easy as possible. We accomplish your tasks according to your instruction.

Our goals are to reduce stress, simplify things and help you manage additional service details so you can have more time with the people and things that matter most. This is where we come in. Whether it’s ensuring your vehicle is washed before the service, picking up dry cleaning, or coordinating catering specifics we can handle the details. Instead of investing your time into the mundane, your family can rest assured that your Care Team liaison will take care the details.

Our We Care Concierge Service adds another level of service to the already exemplary care provided by our team of professionals. Ask about it during your family planning conference.